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Shields™ Brace (5674) 







Shields® Brace (5674)

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  • Dynamic patella stabilization provided through entire range of motion

  • The Shield® Brace will control the patella during athletic competition

  • Successfully controls malalignments of glide, medial/lateral tilt, and anterior/posterior tilt

  • 1/8" KUHL™ perforated neoprene construction for cool compression

  • Wrap around design allows for independent fitting of the thigh and calf providing a personalized fit to all users

  • Medial and lateral spiral stays limit bunching, while allowing full range of motion

  • The Trakaderm® Buttress is constructed of Polyurethane and is an adherent, soft, gel like material. It helps assist in the active relocation of the patella and places the bone in its pain free position.

  • Easy-to-apply anterior closure


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5674 KUHL™ Shields® Brace





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Clarence L. Shields, M.D.  
Developed in collaboration with Clarence L. Shields, MD Kerlan- Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic, Los Angeles, CA






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