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GUS Shoulder Immobilizer (501)

GUS Shoulder Immobilizer (501)

Gus Shoulder Immobilizer Pediatric (501)

Medical Billing Code L3670
* Size:

  • The GUS posterior GUSSET is an intimate comfort panel that anatomically allows the sling to fit the arm versus the arm fitting the sling.

  • Padded pressure sensitive straps are adjustable and comfortable

  • Deep pocket design

  • Two adjustment points for each strap allows for better fit

      •   Comfortable fit

  • Open end with soft thumb loop adds comfort and eliminates slippage

  • 501 PED constructed of cotton polyester in  fun, colorful, kid friendly print

      •  501 XS, S available in Black Only

Order No. Description / Options
501- PED GUS Shoulder Immobilizer

501-XS GUS Shoulder Immobilizer

501- S GUS Shoulder Immobilizer

PDAC Approved L3670

PDAC Letter

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