TKO® (The Knuckle Orthosis) (3848, 4848)
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TKO® (The Knuckle Orthosis) (3848, 4848)

  • Provides positioning for fractures or injuries to metacarpals, proximal phalanx, and MCP joints

  • Four applications in one brace

  • Straps are adjustable for fit and comfort (pain & swelling)

  • Distal buddy strapping eliminates rotation of the finger

  • Padded stays are malleable and allow for customized fit

  • One splint acts as a Boxer's Fracture splint (ulnar gutter), Radial Gutter splint,, and Middle & Ring Finger splint                         Please click here for TKO Fitting Quick Guide

Order No. Description / Options
3848  TKO® (The Knuckle Orthosis) Standard
3848-XL          TKO® (The Knuckle Orthosis) Standard
3848-XS TKO® (The Knuckle Orthosis) Standard
4848                 TKO® Prebent                  
4848-XL            TKO® Prebent
4848 not available in XS
Specify Right or Left

PDAC Approved  3848    L3807/L3809 
                              4848    L3809
US Patents 7,278,980; 7,442,177; 7,455,650; 7,402,149; 7,276,039

David Garelick, M.D.                                     Edward Cotton, OTC
Dr. David Garelick, Sports Medicine Mr. Edward Cotton of Cook County Hospital
Physician at Midwest Orthopaedics in Chicago, IL
Illinois Bone & Joint, Chicago, IL

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