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DynaDigit® With Modabber™ Wrist (5821, 605A)


DynaDigit® With Modabber™ Wrist (5821, 605A)

DynaDigit® with Modabber™ Wrist (5821)

Medical Billing Code L3807
* Specify Side:

  • Dynamic Finger Extension splint for one or more fingers

  • Neoprene generates dynamic action at any joint

  • Apply hook dorsally to restrict MCP motion

  • Interchangeable Stays fit in Dorsal Pocket

  • Malleable Stay immobilizes

  • Coiled Stay assists extension or resists flexion

  • Easily attaches to the Modabber neoprene wrist cuff for infinitely adjustable tension


Order No. Description / Options
5821 DynaDigit® with Modabber™ Wrist 
Specify Right or Left



PDAC Approved L3807

PDAC Letter


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Michael Behrman, M.D.    
Developed in collaboration with
Michael Behrman, M.D. of Associated
Hand Surgeons, Santa Barbara, CA





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