CAST- AWAY® Elbow Orthosis (5613)
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CAST- AWAY® Elbow Orthosis (5613)

  • Dual Rod Stays- provide superior rigidity and support while remaining low profile

  • Light-Weight, Low-Profile Design- leaves the adjacent, unaffected joints unrestricted and promotes compliance, improving clinical outcomes

  • Simple Application- promotes good hygiene/skin care and eliminates cast complications

  • Versatile Strapping System- allows for customized it and comfort

  • Telescoping Hand Cuff-  supports the wrist and controls forearm rotation when needed

  • Removable Sling Strap- eliminates the early need for a sling in conjunction with the brace
    • Adjustable Height Humeral Cuff- allows for a customized fit


    Possible Indications:

    • Stable Elbow Fractures
    • Elbow Dislocation
    • Distal Biceps Repair and Other Surgical Interventions
    • Elbow Injury

    Order No. Description / Options

     PDAC Approved L3980 and L3982 
    US Patents 9,782,285

     Optional Accessory: Orthowear Elbow (5614)

    Aaron Daluiski, MD
    Hospital For Special Surgery, New York, NY

    USD $169.93 /EA
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