About Hely & Weber Products:

Our products are designed and built in collaboration with caregivers to solve problems that they experienced in treating their patients.  Great care is taken by our design team to optimize the fit and function of your brace for your comfort and support.  Great investment is made by our operations team in materials and processes to set an industry leading quality standard.  Our braces are designed by caregivers for their patients.


We know you can purchase braces less expensive online.  We recommend you evaluate that decision.

We stand by the principle that the only good avenue to obtain a brace for an orthopedic condition is through your physician or an entity acting on the orders of that physician who will:

  1. Assess your medical condition to determine the most appropriate brace for you.
  2. Maintain an inventory of braces to treat patients on-site when possible.
  3. Properly measure to determine the correct sizing of brace you require.
  4. Properly fit you, in the position desired, for best outcomes
  5. Educate you on proper wear and care of your brace.
  6. Handle any wear issues or defects in your brace.
  7. Properly bill your insurance and handle the business transaction of DME products.

Receiving the care outlined above comes at a cost but it is a fair cost that you will have to evaluate as the patient and end-user of our product.  It is ultimately you for whom we build our products.  It is, however, an unfair comparison to compare a professionally staffed office providing you with a continuum of care for a brace that is selected for you to an online seller who has at best only a minimal idea of what you truly need or what your condition may be.